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Name: Letlhogonolo Fanampe

Profile: AI/ML Developer


Phone: +27834837699

Skills: Python OpenCV Keras TensorFlow PyTorch OCR AI/ML Model Integration and Optimization OpenAI API LLama 2 LangChain Framework AI Chatbot Integration NLP AR Development Autonomous Agents Backend Development for AI Applications Vector Databases Real-time Data Processing Data Visualization Django Flask Streamlit NodeJS JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 Git ReactJS Responsive Web Design WebGPU SQLite Problem Solving Critical Thinking Collaborative Development LIMS Laboratory Instrumentation and Procedures ISO 17025:2017 and ISO/IEC requirements knowledge MS Excel (Fundamentals & Intermediate)

About me

An innovative AI/ML Engineer specializing in Computer Vision, with a proven track record of developing and enhancing sophisticated algorithms and applications in the field.
Skilled in leveraging deep learning, facial recognition, and optical character recognition technologies to solve complex problems and deliver cutting-edge solutions. Successfully enhanced OCR accuracy to over 95%, and pioneered height estimation algorithms with remarkable precision. Adept in Python, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, and various AI/ML technologies.
I bring a blend of analytical expertise, creative problem-solving, and a continuous learning mindset to drive advancements in computer vision and beyond. Committed to pushing the boundaries of AI to create impactful and efficient solutions.
Let's embark on a collaborative journey to shape the next big thing in AI!


VisualPro (Hackathon Winner)

1st place in WebGPU Hackathon. Lead Back-end Developer. Built with Node.js, SQLite, and Three.js for 3D data visualization.

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Play My Emotions

AI-driven Disney song recommender built with Python that uses OpenAI, DeepLake, LangChain and Streamlit.

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AI Survey Bot Recommendation

Streamlit app powered by OpenAI that provides AI tool recommendations to enhance businesses based on user responses to survey questions.

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Would love to connect with fellow developers, employers looking for developers, or anyone looking to get web development done.